We pre-selected Kisi vineyard in Tsinandali microzone. The vineyard is planted on a slope, 600 meters above sea level, on a clay soil. Vineyard has been green harvested, in order to decrease the crop yields, with the aim to achieve better quality grapes.
In September, grape was hand harvested, packed in 10 kg boxes and delivered to a winery. Upon arrival, grape was placed on a sorting table and underwent selection process, once again.

After processing grapes in stalk remover machine, without smashing up grapeseeds, liquid was stored in Qvevri. With the aid of Qvevri cooling system, fermentation process and cap management were performed at low temperature. The goal was to preserve compounds that contribute to wine aroma and flavor.

  • Aroma: dry apricot, citrus zest, white pepper flavours
  • Origins: Kakheti Color: Light Amber
  • Tasting Notes: delicious fullpalate with great aciditybalance and finest tannins