Saperavi Qvevri

We Pre-selected Saperavi vineyards, in Telavi Region. In August, vineyard has been green harvested, in order to decrease the crop yields, with the aim to achieve better quality grapes.

After selective hand harvesting, grapes were packed in 10 kg boxes and delivered to a winery.

Upon Arrival, grapes underwent destemming process and were placed in Qvevri. Fermentation was conducted at a temperature ranging between 23°-26° C.Fermentation process was completed manually to minimize intervention and contact with grapeseeds, resulting in soft extraction of tannin and color. Wine aged in Qvevri for 6 months. Finally, wine was bottled and stored at optimal tempreture.

  • Aroma: berries, stewed fruits with plum and ripe cherry tones.
  • Category: Qvevri Wine Origins: Kakheti
  • Color: Dark Ruby
  • Tasting Notes: rich with soft tannins and long aftertaste.