Khilkhi Qvevri

We pre-selected Kakhetian Khikhvi vineyard in the Akhmeta region.

The vineyard is planted on a slope, 600 meters above sea level, on clay soil. We made a green harvest to decrease the crop yields and improve the flavor concentration of the remaining grape bunches. In September, grapes were hand-harvested, carefully selected, packed in 15 kg boxes, and delivered to a winery.

Upon arrival, grapes were placed on a sorting table and underwent a selection process once again. After de-stem- ming undamaged berries were transferred in Qvervri. With the aid of the Qvevri cooling system, fermentation process, and cap management were performed at low temperature (14-15 c ) to preserve compounds that contribute to wine aroma and flavor. The wine was fermented and macerated on Chacha (pomace) for 6 months.

  • Aroma: dry fruit, dry apricot, nuts, dry citrus
  • Qvevri Wine Origins: Kakheti
  • Color: Amber, Orange
  • Tasting Notes: pleasant taste of field flowers, with slight hint of honey sweetness,rich in tannins with soft and silky finish.